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Since the beginning of time, the kitchen has served as the heartbeat of every home. It’s the shared space for meals, stories, and cherished memories. For André Guenette, the founder of The Kitchen Guy®, the kitchen is not merely a functional room but a canvas to express creativity, an opportunity to innovate, and a means to enhance people’s quality of life. With an experience spanning 30 years, André has consistently demonstrated that there is an art to kitchen design, beautifully blending practicality and aesthetics.

André’s journey began in Sudbury, Ontario, where he took his first steps into the kitchen industry within the family business. His early experiences varied from crafting end caps on counters to delivering and installing kitchens, giving him a holistic understanding of the trade. Today, André and TKG Team are synonymous with The Kitchen Guy® – Ottawa’s trusted source for custom, high-quality kitchen and home designs.

As an artist, André sees kitchen design as his canvas. “My inspiration has always been to create a deep and meaningful impact in the quality of people’s lives, and I feel I’ve found that medium in kitchen design,” he shares. This philosophy is evident in every project he and the TKG Team undertake, turning each one into a unique piece of art that elevates his clients’ lives.

Over the past 25 years, André has become an integral part of Ottawa’s home improvement scene, perfecting his craft and working alongside the city’s leading builders, architects, and designers. His expertise has resulted in over 2,000 custom-designed kitchens, bathrooms, closets, mudrooms, laundry rooms, entertainment centres, and home offices, each distinguished by their stunning custom cabinets, countertops, and renovations.

Yet, André’s work goes beyond designing visually appealing spaces. He brings joy and satisfaction to his clients by crafting custom spaces that transform their homes into sanctuaries. These unique designs not only maximize functionality but also foster a sense of well-being.

To further his passion for innovative space planning and enhancing his clients’ lives, André established The Kitchen Guy®. The firm has since become Ottawa’s go-to company for kitchen design and ‘turn key’ home renovations, renowned for its attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

André Guénette’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of passion and dedication. Through The Kitchen Guy®, André and the TKG Team continue to reimagine kitchens into beautiful, functional spaces that resonate with love, memories, and meaningful connections. Each project is a unique narrative, an opportunity to transform a space, and a chance for André to fulfill his mission.

As The Kitchen Guy®, André has discovered his true calling – making a significant, positive impact in people’s lives and Changing the World One Kitchen at a Time™.

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