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We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home — it’s a place of warmth and comfort and a hub for many activities. It’s where you start off each day with a tea or coffee, making breakfast and packing lunches for yourself and your family. It’s where you come together to prepare and share meals with those you love. It’s where conversations take place and many memories are made. From cooking to entertaining to working, the kitchen is the heart of most homes around the world. Let’s discover the 6 main reasons why the kitchen is so important in our lives and why it’s called the “Heart of the Home”.



The obvious “number 1” reason the kitchen is the heart of your home is that it’s where you prepare the food needed to nourish yourself and your family. Food, just like sleep, is one of life’s essential elements. As a home chef you want a space that has all the elements and conveniences required for you to organize your food stuff, ingredients, cookware and tools. You are the master chef in your own kitchen.

The Gravel Flanigan Kitchen is a wonderful example of a kitchen designed for a home chef. Quick access to everything, gas cooktop, and plenty of countertop space make this the Ultimate Chef’s Kitchen. 



No matter how different our lives may be, nearly everyone can relate to gathering in the kitchen around an island with a romantic partner, as a family or with friends for coffee and breakfast or a wonderful meal with a nice glass of wine. For some, it’s a time to catch up on the latest news or tell funny stories. For others, it may be an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen together by baking cookies or preparing dinner. Either way, it’s a space that encourages connection and brings people closer together. 

Colleen and Greg decided to keep their home instead of downsizing and created a kitchen with plenty of space to host and welcome their children and grandchildren. 



When it comes to designing your kitchen space, functionality should be top priority; after all, it needs to suit all your needs from cooking and eating to spending time with loved ones and getting work done. That means having enough storage for all your food items and cookware as well as plenty of countertop space for food prep, work or laptop use. Practical accessories such as functional pull-out corner units maximize use of space and make it easier to access what you need. A good layout will also help make sure traffic flows smoothly during busy times when multiple people are bustling about doing their own thing all at once. 

The Doucet kitchen is a wonderful example of making the kitchen, and the main floor for that matter, into the most functional space possible. Opening up the space by removing a few walls, moving the kitchen to a larger area and converting the old kitchen and living room into a perfect home for entertaining family and friends. 



While functionality is key, don’t forget about adding some personal touches that reflect who you are! After all, you spend a good portion of your time in the kitchen so make sure there are places to display photos of family members or artwork that inspires you while you cook. If there’s enough room in your budget (and floor plan!), consider incorporating one-of-a-kind pieces like an antique table or hutch that have special meaning for you and can serve as conversation starters with guests over dinner parties. No matter what decorating style fits you best—from modern to farmhouse — express yourself !  

Check out this 100 year old butcher block that was incorporated into the kitchen of beautiful A-Frame home on the Ottawa River. 



The kitchen is often viewed as a place to prepare meals and nothing more. However, with the rise of remote work due to COVID-19, many people have turned their kitchens into an office space. This has become especially popular for those who lack dedicated workspace or need to keep an eye on their kids while working from home. Selecting furniture like small desks or large tables can make this transition easier, allowing you to maximize space while still giving yourself enough room to move around comfortably. With a few modifications here and there, your kitchen could easily become both your workspace and a cooking and dining area! 

Here’s a beautiful kitchen transformation that included a work area and desk: 



On top of being productive and socializing with others, you can use your kitchen as a place to relax too! There are tons of ways you can do this without having to go full-on spa mode in there (though that’s always an option!). Simple things like investing in quality appliances that make cooking easier or creating designated spots for coffee breaks or preparing your favorite drink are great ideas to make your kitchen truly special. And if you want something more luxurious? Well then, why not add some calming decor pieces like scented candles or plants? Not only will they look great but they’ll help create a tranquil atmosphere too!  

With a warm modern craftsman look and feel the Lacasse kitchen is truly an oasis of relaxation right in the home: 



From connecting with loved ones over meals to getting work done during business hours, there’s no denying that kitchens play an integral role in households across the globe today. While function should always be top priority when designing yours, don’t forget to add some personal touches that make it uniquely yours too! With thoughtful planning and attention paid both inside and out, your kitchen will soon become a place full of life—and love! —where wonderful memories are made every single day.  


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